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About TWLO

The Wright Law Offices was established in Nevada in 2006 with the goal of assisting Las Vegas residents and businesses with their legal issue.  In that time, we have successfully assisted both in various civil and criminal matters.  In the last ten years, the focus has been on civil litigation.

The firm is committed to helping small businesses so that they can survive and thrive in the Las Vegas Valley.  Over the years, we have assisted landlords, restaurants, private schools, marketing companies, private lenders, postal support services, doctors, lawyers, dentists, entrepreneurs, and many others in consultation or in civil court.

Anthony Wright has a cum laude bachelor of science degree from UNLV in Business/Real Estate Finance, graduating in the year 2000 and a Juris Doctorate from the William S. Boyd School of Law, graduating in 2004.  Anthony is a landlord, a tenant, and a business owner and can relate to the special circumstances that each pose.

What can prospective clients expect?

If you call or text this family law firm, you will likely be able to speak with the attorney fairly quickly. 

If you have a quick question, phone consultations are free, but short.

For an in-depth analysis, which most prospective clients need in order to make an informed decision about your companies needs, an hour-long consultation at the law firm is recommended.